Friday, October 21, 2011

The Blair Witch Director Supports "NINJAS Vs MONSTERS" You Should Too!

The team behind Ninjas Vs. Zombies and Ninjas Vs. Vampires are revving up for their third and final installment in this trilogy, NINJAS VS. MONSTERS which sounds like a shit load of awesome is what it sounds like! Check out the goods below and some cool people are beginning to follow this unique promotion!


'Blair Witch' Director lends support to indie filmmakers of "Ninjas vs Monsters".

What could be better than Halloween mixed with Monsters, The Blair Witch Project, and Ninjas?

Legendary "Blair Witch Project" co-director Eduardo Sanchez is a strong supporter of independent film and wants you to take notice of a group of up-and-coming filmmakers lead by Justin Timpane of Endlight Entertainment.  With two films internationally distributed under their belts, a cult-fanbase, a comic book series and more, the "Ninjas vs" crew is in the midst of pre-production for their third film, "Ninjas vs Monsters".

This is what Ed had to say about supporting their Kickstarter campaign at
"My name is Eduardo Sanchez, co-writer, co-editor, co-director of a film called, "The Blair Witch Project".  I've done three films since "The Blair Witch Project", and I know how difficult it is, even with the Blair Witch name to make just one film.  It takes a lot to make multiple films especially at such low budgets.  You've really gotta have the passion, be determined to get through many obstacles, get kicked in the face, and then get back up and do it all over again.  That's what sets Justin Timpane and Daniel Ross apart from a lot of other filmmakers.  After being kicked in the face twice, they are ready to do it a third time.  If you look at "Ninjas vs Zombies" and compare it to the second film, "Ninjas vs Vampires" you see how much they've grown as filmmakers.  Both the first two films have a very nice cult-following and they're just really fun.  Giving them this kind of financial support is really going to make all the difference in the world and make the third film the absolute best one of the trilogy.  It's gonna be a freaking crazy, funny, gory, nutty adventure.  You couldn't really put your money into a better low-budget film than "Ninjas vs Monsters"."
So, with that being said, help out if you can and spread the word!

Support Indie Film! 

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