Thursday, October 6, 2011

BABYSITTER WANTED: Obscure Horror Movie Countdown #26


This movie goes exactly where you don't think it's going! It has a great twist and then gets all bloody demonic on us which is always awesome fun for horror fans and you thought you was just going to babysit?  We also get a cool cameo from genre legend Bill Moseley!


A new life is starting for Angie, whos leaving the embrace of her Catholic mother for college studies. She applies for a baby-sitting job and finds herself on a remote farm before the Stanton family and their adorable little boy. But Angies first night of work might be her last. Alone in the sprawling and remote house, anonymous phone calls begin to shatter her peace of mind. Babysitter Wanted turns one of the most tried and true of all horror movie conventions-the babysitter in peril-absolutely on its head, and twists it into something entirely new and different. Suspenseful, funny, gory, and defying expectations every step of the way, this is one of the most enjoyable roller-coaster rides in recent horror cinema history.

You can buy the movie too!

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