Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awesome One-Sheet For "Found Footage" Bigfoot Flick THE LOST COAST TAPES

Who doesn't love the mythology of Bigfoot? I know I do and we have another cool looking "found footage" movie headed our way in 2012 called THE LOST COAST TAPES that has our furry giant on the rampage.

The film is currently in production and is directed by Corey Grant and stars Drew Rausch, Ashley Wood, Rich McDonald, Frank Ashmore, and Noah Weisberg.  I can't wait to check this one out!


A cynical investigative journalist and his documentary team travel to a remote cabin to debunk a Cryptozoologist's claim of finding a dead Bigfoot, but their film quickly becomes a record of their life and battle against an unseen horror.
“The Lost Coast Tapes” documents the found footage of a skeptical ...journalist who aims to prove there is no such thing as Bigfoot after someone reports they have the body of a dead sasquatch. The film will take the audience through a thrilling ride of events in the deep, dark forests and countryside of the Lost Coast, and will be sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seat.

Source: Facebook

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