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Yahoo! TV And EW Team Up To Uncover What America Is Watching This Fall


New fall TV survey reveals TV viewers are most eager for the premieres of The X Factor, Charlie’s Angels, and Prime Suspect;
few will miss Charlie Sheen 

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and NEW YORK (September 1, 2011) – Adults are spending about 20  hours per  week watching  TV  according to a new survey from Yahoo! TV (  and Entertainment Weekly (  That’s good news for the upcoming fall TV season, which was the topic of a joint survey of 2,000 people. The survey found that adults are most excited about the premieres of The X FactorCharlie’s Angels, and Prime Suspect. However, fewer than half (44%) of TV watchers are excited for X Factorhosts Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul to reunite with younger viewers more excited than adults.

Of the shows returning this fall, adults are most excited for the return of NCISBig Bang Theory, and Dancing With the Stars. These were also the most watched programs followed by The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Top Chef.

Who’s the Boss: Steve Carell
Now that Steve Carell is no longer ‘the boss’ on The Office, only 11 percent of those surveyed said they would “definitely” continue to tune in. 

Charlie Out, Ashton In
When asked if replacing Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher on Two and a Half Men is considered a “bad move” fewer than one-third (26%) of viewers choose that option. Most thought it was either “a great move” or “an even swap”’ Women are more likely than men to think the change is “a great move.” 

Back on the Small Screen
This season brings Tim Allen (Last Man Standing) back to the small screen with 35 percent of voters excited to see him in a new role. He’s just slightly more popular with men (38%) than he is with women (33%).  Sarah Michelle Gellar (Ringer) is also returning but only 18 percent of voters said they were excited about it.  
Multi-tasking TV Viewers
Many adults multitask while they watch TV. More than half (56%) snack during shows and 47 percent check their email. Other activities include posting on social media sites (34%), cooking (33%) and cleaning (31%).

Focus, Focus, Focus
Viewers, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 34, are most likely to ‘Tweet or Post to Facebook’ while watching True Blood, Dexter, and Vampire Diaries. While many viewers say they update their social networks while watching True Blood, 58% of voters said the show requires them to pay attention, followed by Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead (with 57% each). 


Most Commonly Watched Shows:
  1. NCIS (35%)
  2. Dancing with the Stars (25%)
  3. Big Bang Theory (23%)
  4. The Office (23%)
  5. How I Met Your Mother (22%)
  6. Top Chef (20%)
  7. The Mentalist (20%)
  8. Grey’s Anatomy (19%)
  9. Modern Family (18%)
  10. Glee (18%)

Most Excited to Return Shows:
  1. NCIS (32%)
  2. Big Bang Theory (22%)
  3. Dancing With the Stars (21%)
  4. How I Met Your Mother (18%)
  5. Modern Family (17%)
  6. Grey’s Anatomy (17%)
  7. Glee (17%)
  8. Survivor (16%)
  9. Hawaii Five-O (16%)
  10. Dexter (13%)

Excited to See New TV Shows:
  1. The X Factor (18%)
  2. Charlie’s Angels (15%)
  3. Prime Suspect (12%)
  4. The Playboy Club (11%)
  5. Terra Nova (11%)
  6. Person of Interest (11%)
  7. Last Man Standing (8%)
  8. New Girl (7%)
  9. Two Broke Girls (7%)
  10. Pan Am (7%)

Excited to See Cowell And Abdul Reunite:
  • Excited (44%)
  • Not at all excited (31%)
  • No opinion (25%)

Activities Done While Watching TV:
  1. Snack (56%)
  2. Check email (47%)
  3. Post on Facebook (34%)
  4. Cook (33%)
  5. Clean (31%)
  6. Text/Call friend/family (28%)
  7. Read (22%)
  8. Exercise (19%)
  9. Work or school-work (18%)
  10. Check what others are posting online by the show (7%)

Most Likely to Tweet/Post to Facebook While Watching Shows:
  1. True Blood (29%)
  2. Dexter (29%)
  3. Vampire Diaries (24%)
  4. Games of Thrones (23%)
  5. The Walking Dead (23%)
  6. Sons of Anarchy (22%)
  7. Mad Men (22%)
  8. The Bachelor (21%)
  9. Survivor (21%)
  10. Glee (21%)

Shows Viewers Really Need to Focus On:
  1. True Blood (58%)
  2. Boardwalk Empire (57%)
  3. The Walking Dead (57%)
  4. Dexter (54%)
  5. Game of Thrones (54%)
  6. Fringe (53%)
  7. Sons of Anarchy (51%)
  8. NCIS (48%)
  9. Mad Men (48%)
  10. The Good Wife (47%)

The Most Popular Group of Fans aka “fandoms” Are:
  1. Foodie (19%)
  2. Vulture (13%)
  3. Trekkie/Trekker (13%)
  4. X-Phile (12%)
  5. Idoloonie (12%)
  6. Gleek (11%)
  7. Dunderhead (11%)
  8. Trubie (10%)
  9. Dark Passenger (10%)
  10. Spoiler junkie (8%)
To read more about the survey visit Yahoo! TV at:

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About the Survey:
Yahoo! partnered with Ipsos OTX MediaCT to conduct the Yahoo! TV/Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Survey in July 2011. We interviewed n=2000 Americans aged 18-64 who watch at least one hour of television a week representative of the U.S. online population via an online quantitative survey.

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