Thursday, September 22, 2011

Watch The New Teaser Trailer For Danielle Harris' AMONG FRIENDS

Hey horror peeps! Remember a few months ago when I gave you a sneak peak at Danielle Harris and her new project, AMONG FRIENDS? Well the new teaser trailer dropped today and it definitely has that 80's horror influence. Even the music has that vibe going! Check it out below!

Harris directs with Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc, AJ Bowen, Dana Daurey, Brianne Davis, Kane Hodder, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit, and Chris Meyer all starring.


AMONG FRIENDS is a horror (and a comedy, depending on how twisted you are) about a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an 80s backdrop, the good time takes a dark turn when one in the group hijacks the evening in an attempt to help the others come clean about their secret betrayals against one another–and is willing to cut through the bone in order to expose the truth.

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