Thursday, September 1, 2011

THE WALKING DEAD Season 2 Gets A 90-Minute Premiere Plus Some Stupid News!

You know what! You'd think with all the split season schedules that have killed off successful series  these stupid network suits would stop trying it but no! THR reports that AMC will in fact give us fans a 12 episode season two of THE WALKING DEAD but will be split into two six episode arcs, one starting in October and the second six to begin in February. Why the break? I don't know people!

We have some good news though, we'll get a full 90-minute premiere that will air on October 16th at 9/8 Central kicking off a two week long FearFest on AMC.

The final six episodes will start airing on February 12h at 9/8 Central. i'm asking AMC now to please DO NOT ruin this show for everybody!

Source: THR

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