Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trailer Debut For Rob Lowe's BUTTERFINGER THE 13TH

Rob Lowe's BUTTERFINGER THE 13TH will premiere on October 13th and it's been a long time coming! What all this film will consist of is still a big mystery. We do now that it has some parts of fan-created content along with original content and mixes horror, comedy and reality. I'm kind of excited to see what Lowe has come up with!


 Legend has it that following a mysterious fire years ago, several camp counselors mysteriously disappeared from the local summer camp, Camp Honey Badger. The case was never solved and as the years passed, the story became an urban legend used to discourage hormonal teen from venturing into the Lake.

Today, Camp Honey Badger awaits a new group of summer campers. While preparing for the new arrivals, the camp counselors sit around the campfire, telling spooky stories. It's here that we find that the legend is still very much alive.

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