Saturday, September 3, 2011


Product Description: Arm yourself with the ultimate weapon of power and skill! Battle the Jedi or the Sith with this extraordinarily realistic lightsaber. Ignite the fight!

This incredible lightsaber looks and feels just like the one used by DARTH VADER! The glowing blade ignites with light and makes sounds when you power up, power down, and clash in battle! It’s the ultimate weapon to make your Star Wars battles incredibly real!

Realistic lightsaber features a bright, glowing blade (Red) with power-up and power-down light effects, motion-sensor controlled sound effects and battle-clash lights and sounds.
Includes 3 “AA” batteries.
My Review: Highly Recommended! The first thing is, I've never had a lightsaber of any kind, even as a kid so when I got the opportunity to play with this as an adult, don't think I held back or even hesitated! Me and a few friends had some fun with this! This thing is so detailed that the adults will enjoy just looking at it while the kids will have a blast playing with it, whether they want to be a Jedi or Sith, I got the Darth Vader Ultimate FX Lightsaber so I'm ok with being a Sith.
The Ultimate FX Lightsber lights up and looks so awesome and has six small buttons where you can place your fingers, just press them and it lights up and you start your role playing. You get the cool sound fx that we all know, swinging it or even you hit something it's just freaking awesome with the cool motion sensors it includes.
Ages 6 and up: Tell the younger kiddos to be careful with their lightsaber because this thing is really nice and full of awesome!  There's lots of fun to be had with the Ultimate FX Lightsaber and you can pick yours up at the Hasbro Toys Shop.
Approx Retail: $34.99

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must have!!!

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