Friday, September 23, 2011

Tim Kring And Kiefer Sutherland Team Up For TOUCH

Fox has just green lit the new project TOUCH from Heroes creator Tim Kring and Kiefer SutherlandTouch will get a 12-episode commitment and will star Sutherland. Shooting is set to begin in the Spring of 2012. It's good to see Kring and Sutherland heading back to TV, thanks to Fox!

Fox's President of Entertainment, Kevin Reilly comments;
“Touch is another ambitious series from Tim Kring that is beautifully executed and has incredibly resonant themes for our times. With Kiefer back on the network as the face and force behind this creative new series, I’m confident it will resonate with viewers this spring.” 
Sutherland chimes in and adds this;
“Every once in a while, you encounter a piece of material that you just cannot say no to. That, combined with the opportunity to work again with Peter Chernin and the Fox studio and network, makes me thrilled to be a part of this project. I also look forward to working with an extraordinary writer and producer like Tim Kring.”
Series Plot:

 At the center of TOUCH is MARTIN BOHM (Sutherland), a widower and single father, haunted by an inability to connect to his mute 11-year-old son, JAKE (David Mazouz). After multiple failed attempts at keeping Jake in school, Martin is visited by CLEA HOPKINS (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a social worker sent to evaluate Jake’s well-being. Everything changes when Martin discovers that Jake possesses the gift of staggering genius – the ability to see things that no one else can and the patterns that connect seemingly unrelated events. Jake is indeed communicating. But it’s not with words, it’s with numbers. Martin meets ARTHUR DEWITT (Danny Glover), a professor and an expert on children who possess special gifts when it comes to numbers. Now, it’s up to Martin to decipher the meaning and connect the numbers to the cast of characters whose lives they affect.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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