Monday, September 19, 2011

TDKR: More Cool Video Footage Of The Batwing Vs. Bane's HEMTT

We showed you the video of Bane's HEMTT dropping through the guard rails and dropping from an upper level street to the lower level and now this new footage shows the Batwing firing on the truck as well. More great footage from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES courtesy of SHH's Redkull.
"When I got there they had the entire grand ave blocked off but I watched Banes truck at street level as it headed presumably into the drop from inside a lobby of a building. Then I went down on some intersection of 1st and another street behind the West Promenade hotel and talked to a security guard who was real friendly and told me he had see Morgan Freeman on set. I saw Gary Oldman's stunt double (which I tweeted about as Gary Oldman and then realized it was a double upon seeing a pap's zoom lense photo). The crew was standing around the Bane "bomb trucks" (thats what they called them on set). Some Mercs were present. Nolan was eating an ice cream cone and his kids were on set as well. I moved up back to grand ave and watched for a while outside the Disney Hall building and saw several takes of the Bane truck driving in circles around the hole where it was supposed to fall through. Then they moved the Batwing out onto Grand Ave to face the truck. Some gunfire took place and the truck was smoking. Several Gotham cars like Cabs, etc were present and covered in snow. I got REAL close to the bomb truck and I have some close pics of it to post soon." - RedSkull (SHH)

Source: CBM

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