Sunday, September 18, 2011

SOUL EATER: The Prequel To "The 8th Plague" in Active Development

Check out the goods below for Soul Eater, a horror film that is looking to get off the ground very soon.

SOUL EATER - ORIGINS OF THE PLAGUE (The 8th Plague prequel) 

For Immediate Release: Sept. 2011

A young woman and her friends search for a missing sister at an abandoned prison only to find insanity and death remain. That pretty much sums up the sleeper hit “The 8th Plague” released by Anthem DVD followed by a Special Edition release by Celebrity Video. The film attracted a following with its “eye popping” gore effects, moody camerawork and one axe swinging guard named Mason played by indie-favorite DJ Perry. His recent upcoming horror releases include “Renovation,” “Darkest Night,” and “Locked in a Room”.

It was formally announced that Collective Development Inc. has acquired the rights to produce a prequel to “The 8th Plague” that will tell the story of just what happened at that prison before it turned into a hell-on-earth haven. Audiences of the first film easily recognized that several of the characters knew a lot more about what had happened at the prison that was revealed. DJ Perry while exploring his back-story for “The 8th Plague” developed the prequel story and script.

The prequel entitled “Soul Eater” will have DJ reprising his role of Mason, a prison guard recently beat out of an open deputy job by his friend Buck, played by returning “The 8th Plague” actor Terry Jernigan.  The cult leader formerly played by Indian actor Nitsin Adsul will be recast as he focuses on his directing career. Joining the cast will be Hollywood scarlet Nadia Dawn, playing a mysterious and sexy lawyer working in defense of the murderous Kadulva.  She has worked with the likes of Nick Cannon, Ozzy Osbourne and P-Diddy. She is the upcoming host of “Supermodel Showdown Costa Rica” that will premiere early 2012 on Telemundo.

The film is currently looking at locations and directors as well as being in talks with various interested distributors.

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