Monday, September 26, 2011

Possible Detailed Scene Description With Selina Kyle And Bane In TDKR

Ok, this isn't etched in stone or anything but according to CBM it comes from a reliable source " Goku". There are a few spoilers ahead if it is true so read at your own risk but remember, this may or may not be true!

-Selina Kyle is indeed a prisoner at Black Gate. Though reasons for her current incarceration were not clear apparently she has a lengthy rap sheet.  
-One of the scenes that was filmed was of her shown walking through the Men's wing of Black Gate accompanied by the Warden and a Prison Guard (who was described to look like the German actor August Diehl of Inglorious Basterds). The Warden is speaking to the guard listing off Kyle's criminal record dating back to when she was 16 or 17 years old.  
As she is being escorted prisoners are shown cat-calling at her and trying to reach their hands through cell bars to try to grope and flirt with her. One unlucky bald tattooed inmate has the misfortune of getting his arms broken as she passes by. She stops at his cell as his arms are extended through and she drops the line "Hey baby, wanna hold my hand?" And manages to do some sort of cartwheel grabbing the guys arms all the while being locked in chains and hurting the guy pretty bad. The Warden brushes off the incident saying "He'll be fine." This looks to be Selina Kyle's intro into the movie.  
-Other scene that was filmed was the inmates being freed. Apparently this ties into the whole scene with Bane in Pittsburgh standing on top of the Tumblers with the Harvey Dent picture.  
The inmates are having a casual day when out of nowhere hear a loud booming voice from outside talking over an intercom. According to my source the exact speech wasn't given but Wally Pfister was giving them a general outline of what the speech is about. It is basically trying to get the prisoners riled up, saying that they are all wrongfully imprisoned, and that the man who locked them up was corrupt, and that they deserve to be free. They prisoners break out into a YES chant. And are celebrating in their cells as the loud voice is telling them that today is their liberation. The voice is obviously BANE.  
Next scene shot was of Bane's mercenaries rushing through the cell corridors and releasing the convicts. The mercenaries rough up some prison guards and lead them to an exit but not before passing out to each prisoner an assault rifle. From there they break out which is right where I believe Pittsburgh filming picks up. 

Other information: All scenes were filmed with IMAX cam. 

Anne Hathaway apparently did her own stunt with the the flip and breaking inmates arm. There were 2 female stunt doubles on hand. One of which was the lady we've been seeing riding around on the Bat-pod. The other stunt double tested the stunt to see if it was safe for Hathaway. She was attached to a harness on the ceiling which is like a bungy and helps spring her through the air. It took Hathaway a few takes before nailing the scene. 

So, what do you think? Sounds good to me!

Source:  TDKR Facebook page via ComicBookMovie

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