Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lionsgate Taking Video Game DEAD ISLAND To the Big Screen!

Deadline  reports that Lionsgate will take the heavily popular zombie video game DEAD ISLAND to the big screen. Sean Daniel (The Mummy) will produce the movie along with Stefan Sonnenfeld.

Lionsgate’s Joe Drake had  this to say;
“Like the hundreds of journalists and millions of fans who were so passionate and vocal about the Dead Islandtrailer, we too were awestruck. This is exactly the type of property we’re looking to adapt at Lionsgate: it’s sophisticated, edgy, and a true elevation of a genre that we know and love. It also has built in brand recognition around the world, and franchise potential.” 
What's a better adaptation than putting the vacationer from the video game and putting them up against a bunch of zombies on an island paradise! That;s just messed up aint it!

Source: Deadline

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