Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jones Soda Releases The Guild Limited Edition Soda

It was bound to happen and bow it has! Jones Soda will release "The Guild" Limited Edition sodas! You can grab a sixer for $12.99/ Click HERE for more!

From Jones Soda:

Introducing Jones Soda and The Guild. Who is your inner gamer most like? The strong Warrior skills of Vork Green Apple Soda….the sexy Priestess charm of Codex Strawberry Lime…the blade slingin’ Rogue skills of Bladezz Cola…the Mage like insight of Clara Berry…the Long Range wit of Tinkerballa Grape….or the Warlock magic of Zaboo Blue Bubblegum. Unleash your inner character and buy this super cool 6pk collectors edition.

Source: Jones Soda

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