Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guastini Scared By Micheal Ironside "HAUNTING AT THE BEACON" - New Pics Revealed!

Master FX artist Vincent Guastini has been a busy man and we have some cool news and pics to share from the project "HAUNTING AT THE BEACON". These pics are freaking awesome! I've never seen Michael Ironside look so good and personally I'm really looking forward to this movie!

From the Press Release:

Texas, 2008. Vincent Guastini and his FX team designed and created The Ghost make-ups showcased in the chilling film, "Haunting at the Beacon". Each appliance took over 3 hours to apply and most were hand airbrushed by Guastini himself with the assistance of artist Alex Bytnar.

At the dawn of the film's DVD and subsequent Netflix streaming release, Guastini reflects on the experience.

Director, Michael Stokes and his wife ( Producer), Sally Helppie were an extreme pleasure to work with. They allowed me to design the ghosts pretty much how I wanted. I put together an amazing team of artists including James Korloch, Jacob Hair, On designs, Don Lanning, Nicholas Dennis and myself on the sculpture for the ghosts. and Evan Campbell on teeth detail.

Every artist added their particular skill to achieve the dynamics that were afforded each specific make-up. I wanted to go "all out" on the ghosts..and we did. Every ghost had a look that represented the how each character uniquely died. In turn, each prosthetic had to be elaborated for each actor in the film. Dentures were created and contacts were fitted to put in those finishing touches.

All the actors were a pleasure to work with, but it was a dream come true to work with actor, Michael Ironside. He had been an idol of mine since childhood and this would be my first experience working with him. Kind of a funny story from set was when Michael could tell I was a bit nervous while applying his make-up. He must have sensed it, so he asked me what was wrong. I had to explain,..I told him, "Dude, I'm such a fan and admire you so much that I'm actually nervous". Michael laughed and said, " Really? Why?" Some people may find star power in the likes of George Clooney or Leo DiCaprio, but here I am working with fucking Michael Ironside! You have to remember that I have worked with Sylvester Stallone, Christopher Walken, Will Farrell, Ben Affleck, Bjork and so many other talented actors. I'd seen many come through the Halls of SNL when I was doing make-up there, but never had I been starstruck or nervous. Now, here I am like a little kid in the presence of Michael Ironside.

No one has impacted me like that …he had been a legend to me and affected my childhood ever since I saw him in "Scanners". I wanted to make sure that his make-up was great. Michael had worked with everyone from Dick Smith and Tom Burman to Rob Bottin. Contributing to my anxiety, was Michael's limited schedule. There was barely any time to test fit the make-ups or work out any bugs. The make-up you see on the screen was pretty much the make-up that was filmed on the day, so you could say that our "test" made it into the film. Adding even more to potential issues were that these make-ups were to be shot in bright light. No chance for shadows to hide anything. We did have a little light flicker for ambiance on Michael's, but each appliance and their application had to hold up. Looking back, I'm very proud of the work that myself and my amazing crew did. The whole experience of working on "Haunting at the Beacon" was one that I always reflect upon fondly and I'm happy that many fans now get to experience it on both DVD and Netflix.

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