Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exclusive Interview: Actress Hope Allen Talks PAN AM, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT And More

Hope Allen had a guest-starring role on the premiere of ABC's new drama Pan Am and will also be seen in the upcoming season of the hit comedy, Rules of Engagement on CBS. 

The Thomaston, Georgia native  has appeared in Liar, Liar, Drop Dead Diva, Two and a Half Men, Friends,and Frasier. She also won Miss Georgia Teen USA, which quickly vaulted her to New York City to pursue a modeling career. She eventually made her way on-camera and to Los Angeles, first winning the Spokesmodel competition on the talent show “Star Search” and then making the jump into film and television.

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Alien Bee- Ok, tell me a little about Pan Am and your role.
Hope Allen-  Evelyn was my favorite character of all the pilots I read last season. She just had a grace that I really admired. She is a woman who finds herself in the small confines of an airplane with her child, her husband, and his glamorous lover( Pan Am stewardess,Colette). She was written with a kindness and dignity that I haven't seen in a while. Producers Nancy Ganis, Tommy Schlamme, and Jack Orman worked very hard to set the right tone for the time. Evelyn was out of her element and excited to be able to be on an international flight. Despite wearing her best clothes she is few years out of date and certainly unable to keep up with the sophistication of the jet-setting, bi-lingual Colette.
Alien Bee- You'll just be in the premiere episode , right?
Hope Allen-  Yes, I was only in the premiere episode...but I've got my fingers crossed that they bring me back.
Alien Bee- You will also be seen in the new season of Rules of Engagement. Tell me about your role.
Hope Allen-  I play a fellow mom and friend living in Audrey's building. My little girl has a doll that Audrey accidentally breaks during an innocent exchange in the lobby. Audrey meets with many obstacles in her attempts to repair Dolly. The episode is called "Hello Dolly'.
Alien Bee-  To me this is the funniest cast on TV. Any funny stories you can share?
Hope Allen-  I agree, they are extremely talented. All are low key and hardworking. I assume David Spade sets the tone as the most seasoned but it's hard to tell as there is no discernible pecking order. They "hit their funny" at every single rehearsal with no exception. While it's obvious how funny they are while performing, what I didn't expect was a bunch of normal people coming to work and being generous to a guest player when they absolutely didn't have to. I hope I remember to be as gracious should I ever have the good fortune to be a "regular" on a show.
Alien Bee- What do you prefer more, drama or comedy?
Hope Allen- Hmmm... too hard! I swear it depends on the day. There are days when you just don't feel funny and all you can do is rely on the craft of acting and the words your writers have provided. Conversely, there are days when you are on top of the world and the job requires grief and tears. I can say with absolute certainty that I would always choose well crafted sentences regardless of genre. An actor just becomes better when the material is carefully written... whether comedic or dramatic.
Alien Bee-  Do you have more projects in the works you can tell me about?
Hope Allen-  Expect me to pop up on "Drop Dead Diva" next season. Creator ,Josh Berman, gave me a heads up at the end last year to be ready to get myself to Georgia in 2012 (that's where they shoot). I'm from Georgia so I love the idea of working near friends and family that don't get to share in this part of my life as much. They only ever get to see me in overalls doing construction on my Mom's house. My sister and I have put on a new roof, added a room upstairs, built a deck, etc... It's become a thing. We always do a project when I go home. We love working together and having something tangible at the end. The artistic work that I do is so hard to quantify at times. It feels amazing to use one's hands to build something that improves the life of another (at least I HOPE my mom thinks they are improvements!). Hahaha
Alien Bee-  Do you have a website or Twitter where people can find you online?
Hope Allen-  I'm sorry, at this time I only have my reel posted.
Alien Bee-  Would you like to say anything to our awesome readers checking this out?
Hope Allen- I guess just "Thank You" for being interested. I know there are many interesting people and events readers have access to on any given day, so thanks for reading this far ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I love Hope Allen. Not only is she a charming and beautiful actress, she also seems to be a down-to-earth human being. My hope is that she goes from strength to strength in film and television projects. Her credits already speak for themselves. There will undoubtedly to be many, many more to come. Go Hope!

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