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Exclusive Interview: Actor Erich Lane Talks Enlightened, Detention, Strain And More

Erich Lane has a recurring role in HBO’s upcoming series ENLIGHTENED’ in which he’ll co-star along with Laura Dern. This new series is written and executive produced by Mike White (School of Rock) along with Dern.

Lane also has a part in the awesome looking ‘DETENTION’ directed by Joseph Kahn where he plays the younger version of the lead character’s father played by Doug Jones. Josh Hutchinson and Dane Cook also star in this horror/comedy that takes place at a local high school where a slasher-movie killer frightens a group of teens during their senior year. 

We’ll also get to see Lane in ‘STRAIN’ which takes a turn to the darker side!  He stars as one of two survivors of a zombie apocalypse, who must travel across ground zero to deliver important biological samples. The movie  will hit the festival circuit in 2012.

Check out my latest Versus to find out more about actor Erich Lane and what all he has going on.

Alien Bee- First off, tell me a little about Enlightened and your character.
Erich Lane- Enlightened is a new HBO series that follows the life of Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern's character). Amy is a corporate executive who has a nervous breakdown at work and then attends a mental/spiritual health facility to help her with her issues. She then returns to her life a new and "enlightened" person. The character I play ("Kevin") is the office assistant to Damon (played by Charles Esten) who is Amy's boss at the top of the show. Kevin is kind of like a happy guard dog that doesn't want to let anyone into his bosses office

Alien Bee- How is Mike White? He seems like such a laid back guy to work with.
Erich Lane - Mike is an extremely cool and talented guy. I love working with him! In between setups, he was very personable. When it was time to get down to business, he was extremely focused, which is exactly what you need on set. He gave such great direction. He really knew what to say to get top performances from his actors. Plus, he would always have a really awesome hat or a funny shirt that I wished I owned...I was totally jealous.

Alien Bee- Ok, I've been following Detention for what seems like over a year. Tell me about this awesome looking horror/comedy and your character.
Erich Lane - The best way I can describe "Detention" is that the viewer is taken on an insane roller coaster ride that then turns into bumper cars, which THEN turns into time traveling bumper cars. Sounds insane, right? Exactly. It's basically a horror and comedy film that's geared towards the technology and internet saturated teenagers of today. It's VERY fast paced and smart. There's simply no way you'll catch all of the jokes and references your first time seeing it. You absolutely must see it multiple times, and the best part is that you'll want to. Hats off to Joseph Kahn and Mark Palermo, they did an amazing job in the execution of the film. The character I play is the lead character's father in the early 1990's. So basically, a younger version of the lead character's father.

Alien Bee- Are there any funny stories you can share from filming?
Erich Lane-  I'd say the funniest thing from filming "Detention" was the wardrobe of everyone in the 1990's scenes. You would look around set and there was at least 40 to 50 high school teenagers DECKED out in vintage 1990's attire. I felt like I was in a time warp. I mean it literally looked straight out of "Saved By The Bell." It was unreal yet extremely awesome at the same time. People had their T-shirts tucked into their jeans exactly like they did in the 90's, and of course, there were lots of slap bracelets

Alien Bee- Ok, you have another horror film called Strain. Now this one 
doesn't have too much humor in it does it?
Erich Lane-  HAHA, no not too much humor in "Strain." However the character I play ("Chris") is someone who always tries to find the humorous side of life, and considering that the zombie apocalypse has happened, it certainly says a lot about who he is.

Alien Bee- When can we be looking for Strain?

Erich Lane-  You should be on the lookout for "Strain" sometime in early 2012. That is, if the zombie's don't take over everything first... If you want to check out a teaser trailer for it go to (side note: for some reason you can only see the teaser trailer, the website for the film is down right now. Don't know why that is, butthe teaser's pretty cool though!)

Alien Bee- What else do you have going on?

Erich Lane-  Well my writer/director friend Hernando Bansuelo (who I went to UCLA with), just finished his first feature called "Last Look" which is being submitted to Sundance. He's now developing his second feature which will be a Hitchcockian thriller and plans on having me as a lead character. Woohoo!!

Alien Bee- Would you like to say anything to our awesome readers?

Erich Lane-  Yes, first of all, you all rock. Secondly, can someone out there in internet-land, PLEASE invent an actual real life Alien Bee? Because that thing looks awesome. We could totally scientifically contain him, so I'm not worried at all about an Alien Bee apocalypse or anything...

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