Friday, September 23, 2011

Exclusive Clip For Caesar And Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre

Check out the exclusive clip for the upcoming horror/comedy Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre from Midnight Releasing.   Look for the movie on DVD on October 4th.


After unintentionally punching out the Chief of Police’s mentally challenged brother, a flamboyant tough guy, Caesar, is on the run. Together with his slovenly half brother, Otto, the two take on false identities and get jobs as counselors at the strangely vacant Camp Sunsmile. The would-be summer camp has attracted a motley crew of Hollywood outcasts, all of whom seem to be hiding something. But when the mysterious Carrie (Felissa Rose) shows up, the counselors begin disappearing one by one. Soon, Caesar and Otto find themselves at the edge of a summer camp killer’s blade as they run, duck, and swoosh for their lives!


Anonymous said...

Der! This looks wacky. Can't find it on NetFlix.

Brian said...

It just come out on DVD so it might take Netflix a little time to get it.

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