Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The Warner Archive Collection  is revisiting another cult hit from the 70's with SWEET HOSTAGE starring Linda Blair and Martin Sheen. This being the first time I've experienced the movie I found it entertaining.

Martin Sheen who plays Leonard, an escaped mental patient who passes as a charming odd ball to the people he meets in a small town he decides to call home. Sheen charms a young Blair who plays Doris Mae the farm girl  who is trying to escape her father's disrespectful grasp he has on her and simply grow up. As the two hit it off in the beginning, Leonard takes Doris back to his secluded cabin where she soon finds out he's not playing with a full deck but she doesn't know why, she just thinks he's silly and moody at times and she's really too young to understand. We watch these two go back and forth, sometimes in frustration and sometimes it gets a little quirky.

When Doris is considered missing, the sheriff and some locals including Doris' parents begin looking for her and eventually find the two new friends at the cabin, their relationship is cut short through a heartbreaking ending.

Sweet Hostage definitely has that 70's feel to it but in the same time it's good to see it make its way to DVD finally for new viewers to experience it as well as fans of the movie to get a chance to revisit it.

Bottom line is this was a cool new experience for me since I'd never seen Sweet Hostage before and it's good to see another cult movie like this make its way to DVD! 3/5

Run Time: 91 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features:  None

Warner Archive Collection will release Sweet Hostage on DVD on September 20th.

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