Saturday, September 10, 2011


SPARTACUS - GODS OF THE ARENA serves as a prequel mini-series to Starz hit series Spartacus: Blood and Sand but without the key name, Spartacus isn't in this at all, just the name. all of our main players return for this

This 2-Disc  6 episode DVD set from Anchor Bay is top notch like all of the releases Anchor Bay offers. We get loads of action to go along with our introduction of the main player, Gannicus played perfectly by Justin Clare. As the story follows this very confident and charismaric character we also watch and learn how Batiatus (John Hannah) becomes the powerful ruler we've already seen him asin the first season. We also follow the shady dealings of his wife Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) and what she will do to see her husband overthrow his own father to become ruler of this house. Dustin Clare and John Hannah are both definite standouts in this 6-episode prequel series! a small spoiler here, I hope we see the charismatic Gannicus sometime soon as this awesome series continues on.

We see more familiar faces who take part in this fun and action packed ride that is Spartacus- Gods of the Arena and is sure to entertain you like it did me! Dustin 

Bottom line is if you've enjoyed the action, blood and gore and even nudity that your've become used to with the first season of  Spartacus then you'll be sure to love Anchor Bay's Gods of the Arena 2-disc DVD set as well because it doesn't hold back at all. The  Spartacus- Gods of the Arena 2-Disc DVD set is available on September 13th and I highly recommend it! 4/5

Run Time: 347 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features: We get enough special features for hours of entertainment! The highlights here to me are the alternate endings, bloopers (for such a serious series and to get to take a look at some bloopers and goofiness makes it more enjoyable), and the 10 Easy Steps of Dismemberment is really a lot of fun!
  • Starz Studios: Gods of the Arena 
  • Extended Scenes
  • Alternate Endings
  • Content Too Risqué for Cable TV
  • Convention Panel
  • Arena Bloopers
  • On Set With Lucy Lawless
  • Post Production: The Final Execution
  • Weapons of Mass Disruption
  • Battle Royale: Anatomy of a Scene
  • 10 Easy Steps to Dismemberment
  • Dressed to Kill
  • Enter the Arena: Production Design

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