Friday, September 9, 2011

Concept Art Of Cenobites From The Now Dead HELLRAISER Remake

STYD got some cool concept designs from FX artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe who has pretty much been with the HELLRAISER series from the beginning. These show what the cenobites would have looked like in Patrick Lussier's and Todd Farmer's big screen remake that is now dead in the water (thanks Dimension!)

The Pinhead design shows just a little familiar tone to it, I don't know about that long neck or thing wrapped around him, the chick looks like something from Night Breed and that third guy looks a little creepy doesn't he. 

Anyway, check them all out up top and check out what Farmer had to say about the remake;
"I don’t think so. We developed several versions for Dimension, but in the end we never saw eye to eye creatively. We wish them the best and look forward to seeing what they come up with. ...It’s not a sequel, Clive’s already told his story. Basically we wanted to reboot, take his world and tell a new story inside his world. The current story is extremely different from the story we pitched. It’s changed dramatically since we started, and it will probably change a lot more before it’s all over."
Let's hope one day we get to see Pinhead and the Cenobites back on the big screen where they belong but for now we get Hellraiser: Revelations on DVD in a few weeks.

Source: STYD 

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