Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch The Entire First Season Of Online Psycho/Thriller Series THE BOOTH AT THE END On Hulu

Tune In today for the exciting season finale of THE BOOTH AT THE END on and Hulu Plus. Xander Berkeley continues to keep audiences in suspense in this captivating series.

On July 11th, Hulu exclusively premiered “The Booth at the End”, the story of a mysterious man played by Berkeley (24, Nikita), who sits in a diner and can give people anything they desire, for a price.  The entire first season is available on Hulu.


In this psychological thriller, a mysterious man sits at the booth at the end of a diner.  People approach him because they’ve heard The Man has a gift. He can solve their problems: a parent with a sick child, a woman who wants to be prettier, a nun who has lost her faith. The Man can give these people what they want. For a price.  The Man makes a proposition, in exchange for realizing their desires, these individuals must complete a task, return to The Man, and describe every step in detail.  The trick is that these tasks are things that would normally be inconceivable to them.  Set off a bomb. Rob a bank.  Kill a child.  But the Man never forces anyone to do anything.  It’s always up to the individual to start – or stop.The Booth at the End asks the question: “How far would you go to get what you want?”

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