Friday, August 26, 2011

Tech: PrimaryCase Introduces Capacitive Stylus for Smartphones and Tablets

Primary Case Introduces Touch Screen Stylus
 for iPhone, and Capacitive Phone and Tablet Screens

Stop Screen Smudging with this unique design, and natural feel that
delivers accurate writing and sketching experience

West Palm Beach, FL - August 23, 2011 - The Primary Case Company ( is proud to announce its newest offering, the Primary Case Stylus. Primary Case Stylus offers an intuitive and natural way to keep your screen clean and smudge-free while clicking, page-turning, note-taking, and sketching, on touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Drawing on its experience in selecting unique high-quality and well-designed products for its customers, the Primary Case company offers this stylus for direct sale to its customers through their website at (see the product page at

While The Primary Case Company did not design the stylus, the Primary Case product team thought this particular stylus design was the best in its class due to the sensitivity on touch/capacitive screens as well as the ability to store the Primary Case Stylus right in the headphone jack on your smartphone or tablet. 
The Primary Case Stylus brings a more accurate and precise way to take notes in meetings and classroom settings, to sketch out rough ideas while on the go, or just be able to click on that checkbox!

Primary Case Stylus
Primary Case Stylus

"A great deal of thought went into the look, feel and weight of this stylus," said Sherman Langer, Director of Stuff at the Primary Case Company in West Palm Beach, Florida. "We want users to enjoy using our Primary Case Stylus, know they bought it at a great price, and become a long-term customer of The Primary Case Company. We are always more interested in creating customers than just creating a sale."

Right Time for the "Write" Tool
While touch is the primary input method for many smartphones and tablets, this stylus has definitely found its place among users, enriching the way they interact with their devices.

"The stylus can perform creative tasks that our fingers and touch displays are just not built to handle well," Langer said.  "Users will find that the new Primary Case Stylus provides the accurate pointing and inking requirements they need to supplement touch input."

Primary Case Stylus Availability and Pricing
The Primary Case Stylus ($9.99 USD) is available now! Online shoppers will be able to find Primary Case Stylus directly on its website at

About the Primary Case Company
The Primary Case Company focuses its efforts on delivering unique, high-quality cases and accessories for smartphones including the terrific products from Apple®, Motorola®, HTC®, BlackBerry® and others. Our customers' satisfaction with our products is not warrantied with fine print. Rather, all our products are Unconditionally Guaranteed, and we look forward to spoiling our customers with our Customer Service for Real People™ service offering every time you do business with us. For more information, please visit 

Primary Case has built itself on a reputation of excellence in both customer service and by the product which we sell. We simply offer a no-fuss guarantee. If for any reason, within 90 days of purchase, send us an e-mail telling us how we disappointed you and what you consider to be a fair resolution.

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