Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Review: ATROCIOUS

Atrocious is the latest offering from Bloody-Disgusting Selects and the Collective and will be making it’s limited theatrical run starting August 17th.

Atrocious is a POV  “found footage” foreign film so if you don’t like subtitles or shaky cameras then watch at your own risk but if you’re a horror fan then check it out. Writer and director Fernando Barreda Luna takes us on a journey to the middle of the woods in Sitges and brings in an urban legend myth to the mix. Our two main characters, a brother and sister are on vacation with their family and decide to investigate the local myth of a girl in the woods. Right from the beginning strange things start to happen as they being to dig up evidence.

The movie is kind of slow at the beginning as it goes on from day to night  and we get to watch our characters bring night vision POV into the mix which is one of the awesome highlights of this movie and becomes much more fun and interesting. Running and screaming and all we can see is what’s in front of us through night vision is nothing new but plays very well with this creepy story which slowly builds. Even the dog gets into the action and becomes a part of a very creepy scene and it freaks the brother and sister team out. Banging on the doors and walls inside the old farm house where they’re staying begins and the house ends up being turned upside down but they still see no one. The myth of the girl is becoming our main character now and we slowly get to see what this urban legend is really all about.

Atrocious definitely has elements of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity that are blended together very well. Narrow hallways, narrow paths, hedges, fast camera movements and the well in the woods, all play into the story with the shots executed nicely for what it is. Family members come up missing to later be found dead, certain unexplainable occurrences happen which add to what is actually happening here.  Music and sound effects also play an important part in the movie. These two elements can make or break a movie sometimes and in this case they serve as the perfect companion. Director Fernando Barreda Luna uses his camera magic to help make this movie really creepy!

Bottom line is Atrocious isn’t the most original horror film but it does deliver some scary moments with the masterful use of the night vision and POV with our characters. If you’re looking for a new “found footage” flick to scare you then check 
this movie out! Go see it! 3.5/5

Studio: Bloody-Disgusting Selects/ The Collective

Run Time: 75 Minutes

Rated: R

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