Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Has Come Out On Frank Darabont's Departure From THE WALKING DEAD

I have to say Frank Darabont promoted THE WALKING DEAD with a smile on his face at Comic-Con and knowing he was getting the axe shows character, I couldn't have done that!

There's more of the story coming out now that AMC stuck to its original plans of cutting the shows budget even though it made more money than I'll ever make in a lifetime in just its first season and set all kinds of ratings records. The network said before production even started on season two that the budget would have to be cut and they started at the top with Darabont.

I've been to the set twice now just watching from a distance, nothing else. Word is there's lots if uneasiness with the cast and crew because everyone thinks their job is on the line. Any character could be killed off at any minute so I'm sure nobody is wanting to renegotiate their contracts.

One positive note is Mazzara, Kirkman and Nicotero are still involved but for how long. If Joel Stillman is the problem maybe other AMC brass should look at him. What has happened here is fans don't like it when this kind of decision making happens and this season The Walking Dead will have some competition so we can tune in elsewhere if we choose! Maybe Stillman should get the axe, Darabont come back (he probably wouldn't after  this) and try to salvage this show that started out so awesome!

What do ya'll think?

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