Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Former Adult Film Star Bree Olson Joins Cast Of Indie Short THE STALKER

To say indie film isn't getting noticed would be a lie! In fact there's some pretty big news for some Chicago filmmakers and their next project and who just joined the cast. Former adult film star Bree Olson has signed on to play the lead in the upcoming short film, THE STALKER.  I'm all over this!

 Check out what they have to say!

"Breaking News!  We have a big casting announcement to make!  Writer/producer and Afraid Of Sunrise actor Andy Schatner is gearing up for his next project, a short film called The Stalker and he's got a big name attached to the project.  The Stalker is about a man named Jeff (Andy Schatner) who's obsessed with one of the neighbors in his three flat apartment building.  Justin R. Romine (Afraid Of Sunrise, What They Say) will be directing.  First off, they have the incredibly talented actress Kaylee Williams (Slices Of Life, Mediatrix) signed on to play the object of Jeff's obsession, Sky which in itself is a pretty big deal!  But the other notable casting news is that Bree Olson is now attached to the project.  This will mark the first independent/mainstream short film role for the former adult film star.  Bree has agreed to play the character of Emily, who happens to have a crush on our Jeff, but he's a little to busy with Sky to notice."

"Casting Bree as Emily was really a last minute thing," says Andy Schatner.  "I just happened to catch her recent interview on the Howard Stern Show and I heard her talking about how she was wanting to get into mainstream film work.  I was really impressed and convinced of her sincerity because she was talking about taking acting classes and that she wanted to do whatever it took to work her way from the bottom up and that she didn't expect anybody to just give her a leading role.  She was even willing to do extra work!" So Andy contacted her agent and sure enough, she was willing to do the role.  "I was a little surprised at how quickly they got back to me," Andy says.  "I didn't expect a yes.  I had to ask a couple times to be sure I read the e-mail correctly!  As long as we raise her acting fee for the day, she's in.  The Stalker is going to show Bree in a completely different light.  She's playing the genuinely sweet "girl next door" and you're going to really empathize with her character.  I guarantee you'll be impressed.  I have complete confidence in her abilities.  Other filmmakers are going to take notice."  Andy recently put up his indiegogo fund raising page and is looking for funders.  They also shot a teaser/trailer which will be up very soon so check back often and donate if you can!  Help bring Bree to Chicago so we can show her how the Midwest film community does their thing on just a shoestring budget!  If their funding goal is reach, shooting begins this Fall!  Winning!


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