Thursday, August 11, 2011


I’m a huge fan of the Jetsons and in this DVD Judy Jetson takes the spotlight away from The Jetsons with Rockin’ With Judy Jetson. An animated feature length movie giving George and Jane’s oldest kid her own rocking musical space adventure.
This fun animated feature from the Hanna- Barbera Classic Collection shows Judy getting a huge crush on space idol Sky Rocker who's sporting an awesome mullet. She chases him around throughout the entire movie getting sidetracked with her friends from time to time all while breaking out in cheesy early 70’s song which is really fun to watch in this day and time.
As we continue to follow Judy on her adventure we do get to see some familiar faces as George, Jane, Elroy, Rosie, Astro and even a few others show up and as always George is getting himself into trouble, more so than Judy. It’s funny to watch!
This is a great look at animation from way back transferred to DVD. How the stories and characters from lots of these cartoons were similar from back in the day. Lots of the characters are recycled from other cartoons with just a small change, maybe a different hair color and that’s it.  I could have sworn I saw and heard Shaggy from Scooby Doo in this! The music is also entertaining as its from a time way before the time I jumped into cartoons. The late 60’s early 70’s influence is all in this! There's also one scene where a guy is filling his "space car" up with gass and the station attendant tells him, "that'll be 8 million doallrs". Kind of funny, we're not there yet but headed that way.
Bottom line is I’d pick this DVD up not only to watch because it’ll put a smile on your face because of how fun and cheesy it is but it’s something to show your kids and introduce them to. 3/5

Rockin’ with Judy Jetson is available on DVD from the
Run Time: 92 Minutes
Rated: NR
Special Features: None

Despite father George’s disapproval, Judy Jetson (voiced by Janet Waldo) is totally into Sky Rocker, the biggest intergalactic rock star around. When the teen icon announces a surprise concert, Judy writes a super awesome song and sends it to him. And – oops – the song is accidentally switched with an evil magic message from music-hating witch Felonia Funk. Bummer for Judy! Then Felonia goes one diabolical step further: she kidnaps Sky Rocker. What a buzz kill – but don’t freak out yet! Judy and her friends – along with brother Elroy, family dog Astro and music-loving aliens named Zoomies – set out to save Sky themselves. Is Judy Jetson the coolest Space Age teenage cartoon star ever? With songs like Gleep Gorp, Jupiter Jump, Rockin’ Round the Galaxy, Shootin’ Star and Surfin’ in Space, the feature-length animated Rockin’ with Judy Jetson is a tunefully fun blast not to be surpassed!

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