Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DVD Review: ROADKILL (2011)

Who all enjoys the Syfy Saturday night movies? I  do and if you missed ROADKILL when it aired a few months back it's out now on DVD. Roadkill truly is a road trip these kids will never forget!

Roadkill follows a group of friends who travel to Ireland to take in the scenery. As they travel they run across a weird family and one ends up giving one of the girls a necklace charm which is connected to a local curse that involves a gigantic bird of prey, it looks like a huge buzzard if you ask me!

As the movie progresses so does the body count as each friend and a few of the weird family members get picked off one by one by this big bird. As the movie  wraps up iut gives us one of those cool endings where nobody gets out alive! Yeah, I said it!

Roadkill features and awesome monster bird and great special effects with fun characters to follow as they all become victims of this crazy looking bird.  The scenery and background in the movie is awesome and it gives our gigantic bird of prey plenty of room to roam and pick off its prey. and of course we have what causes it all, this necklace charm that carries the curse.

Bottom line is if you enjoy the Syfy Saturday night movies then Roadkill is sure to please!  It's a crazy movie with lots of gory fun! 3/5

Studio: Vivendi

Run Time: 88 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features: You don't get any special features but the movie is enough fun it makes up for it!

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