Sunday, August 28, 2011


DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (1973) tells the story of a couple who moves into a mansion that has some unseen and unwanted guests in it, oh and it has a gateway to hell in it! Director John Newland delivered a great movie for its time!

We follow Sally (Kim Darby) who immediately starts to hear and see things she can’t explain without others thinking she’s going a little crazy. As the story goes she finds out what is behind all of this which are little demons, and hey, I must say for the time of this movie these little guys look creepy as hell, since that’s where they’re from.

Sally keeps begging her husband Alex (Jim Hutton) to move out of the house and he finally gives in but it’s way too late. As he heads out of town for a business trip he doesn’t know that this will be the last time he sees his troubled wife.

Sally confronts the demons that she actually towers over like a giant but they are too much for her and a few other unsuspecting victims as they ultimately take what they need from her which is her soul. A word of advice, if you see a 
glowing green light anywhere in your house beware because there’s something evil there!

Warner Archive did an excellent job putting this old movie on DVD and it really does have some chills and jumpy scenes for the fans. This made for TV movie really packs a punch as we watch Sally slowly fall into this unseen abyss that these creepy looking little demons guard over.

Bottom line is this movie stands the test of time on this remastered  special edition DVD and is a pretty cool watch for horror fans. It originally aired on TV way back in 2973 so it doesn’t have the blood, guts and gore we’re used to these days but it’s still a fun watch,especially as it gets closer to Halloween!. 3.5/5

Run Time: 74 Minutes

Rated: NR

Special Features: Just one but a good one!
  • Commentary by Steve “Uncle Creepy” Burton from Dread Central, screenwriter Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination, Day of the Dead) and Sean Abley (Fangoria)

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