Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Director Ivan Zuccon Shares New Images From The Set Of WRATH OF THE CROWS

Ivan Zuccon and crew are currently in production in Italy on his next horror flick WRATH OF THE CROWS. The film stars Tiffanny Shepis, Debbie Rochon, Tara Cardinal and Brian Fortune. There's not much more to go on right now but we'll keep you posted! Dig on the cool images released this morning!

Source: Ivan Succon

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ALEX ROSS said...

INTERNATIONAL CULT Actor Domiziano Arcangeli also STARS and He is PICTURED in a very Intense Shot while Menacing "Holding the Bars' of what Seems to be a Cell of Some Horrific,Goth Prison.
He Needs to Be Mentioned! He's the HOTTEST One of the Group for me, and JUST DIG,actually LOVE that he's Starring opposite Tiffany Shepis: WHAT A GREAT "CULT" COUPLE!
Great MATCHING! Awwwwww!
Also Starring(According from the Newly Re-Released Poster, featuring-by the way- prominently ARCANGELI's Name Top Billed with Shepis) are the Lovely(and SEXY Hottie) Suzie Lorraine,Hunk Michael Segal(Zuccon's Regular actor), and Brits Thespians Gerry Shanahan and John Game.
Love Director ZUCCON with this Cast and Intriguing Plot and Wild images Showing while Still in Production, Hopefully This Flick will Make His Major US breakthrough(Highly Deserved: if you don't know Zuccon's Films, you May Wanna Watch Them,Truly!!!).
THRILLED About This one!
Can't Wait to See it, However they say Not Before November 2012!
Damn! Will I Survive the Wait? lol

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