Saturday, August 27, 2011

Awesome Fan Made Film From Italy: STAR WARS: Dark Resurrection Part 1

I ran across this awesome fan made film for STAR WARS: Dark Resurrection  and has to share it with all of you. They went all out and the movie itself is even in two parts, this first one running an hour long and the second still in production and hopefully will get released in September. for now, check this out!


An ancient prophecy leads the powerful Jedi Master Sorran to start an obsessive quest for Eron, a legendary place able to give infinite knowledge to the one who will open its seal. Because of his obsession, many apprentices die and Sorran is repudiated and apparently killed by the leaders of his own council. After many years, he reappears as if he had learned a secret to deceive death, and he manage to find out Eron’s location with the help of a young apprentice and of the reinvigorated Imperial Forces.

Master Zui Mar and the young Hope, upon which a terrible secret waft, are dispatched on Eron to stop Sorran. The Council, however, decides to not reveal them the terrible destiny they are running into.

Here's a teaser for part 2 until it gets released.

Source: YouTube

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