Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adam Green Announces HATCHET 3 Has Its Director And A Start Date

While attending Film4FrightFest 2011 Adam Green had some cool news to share about HATCHET 3.

Here's a little of what he shared;
"I hope everyone is excited because he was the right person for it. It’s not a name that everyone’s going to know, but when you hear who it is, I think you’ll understand why I made the choice I did. What I can say is that he was my first choice all along, even when it came time to do the second one. At a certain point they wanted to do the second one and they didn’t want to wait for me, and this was the guy that I thought should do it. He’s been part of the Hatchet family the whole way, and I will tease just by saying that he was there for everything.
"He’s the type of guy, he works on a lot of big movies, and if he’s wearing his Hatchet crew shirt, and if the guy on the crew for, like Transformers or whatever, tries to talk shit, he physically beats the shit out of him. I’m going to be with him the whole way; I’m going to be by the camera the whole time, protecting him, helping him, and I hope it’s the best Hatchet movie yet."
Shooting is set to begin February of 2012 which means we won't have to wait as long for the third installment!

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