Sunday, July 24, 2011

Product Review: MONSTER HIGH 10 Piece Gaming Kit For Nintendo 3DS, DSi And DS Lite

The gaming industry is getting younger every year. The average child 8 to 12 plays 13 hours of video games per week. Kids are being to gain control of the market and need a place to keep all of their equipment organized, but still look just as cool as they are. This stylish accessory kit includes a bag, charger, USB, strap, faceplates, and headphones. It is available for 3DS , DSi, and DS Lite.

Video games have never been more popular to the point the younger generations are light speed ahead of some of the older generations but the kiddos need some help sometimes because they do tend to get a little careless with these expensive game systems. This is where this cool MONSTER HIGH 10 Piece Gaming Kit will come in handy!

It will come in really handy keeping your gaming system stored in the cool case that zips right up. The case itself has a net storage for a few games and even comes with 4 game cases!

The durable kit also comes with two stylus (the little pens for screens), convenient  wrist straps that will keep you from loosing everything.  This kit even comes with headphones and a car charger! They thought of everything!

Bottom line all the Monster High kids out these who own these gaming systems should have this kit to protect and prolong life of their gaming systems and games while looking cool! Highly recommended! 4/5

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Natalie Perez said...

Where can you purchase this?

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