Saturday, July 2, 2011

Indie Horror Flick “THE WRONG HOUSE” Launches Netflix Campaign

Netflix, the world’s largest online movie rental service, is interested in carrying the horror film “The Wrong House”. Producers Shawn French and Sue Stevens from Maine’s Wisdumb Productions have just launched a Facebook campaign to help ensure it happens.
The movie was picked up for distribution by Elite Entertainment/Slingshot and released nationally on June 7. Now Netflix has created a “Wrong House” page, so people can save the horror movie to their DVD queue. If enough people reserve the film, Netflix will make “The Wrong House” available to their more than 23 million subscribers in North America.
Jude Felton of named this indie flick one of the Ten Best Horror Films of 2010 and both and CultCuts Magazine named Sue Stevens 2010’s Best Supporting Actress for her role as a vengeful homeowner.
“Obviously, this would be huge for us,” writer/director Shawn French said. “We’re asking people to please add our film to their Netflix queue to ensure that our twisted little flick reaches a much wider audience.”
Anyone who saves “The Wrong House” to their queue and joins the Facebook event page will be entered in a drawing to win a free DVD of the film, which includes a commentary track, Damien Zygote music video and over an hour of special features. Posting the event link on your Facebook wall makes you eligible to win a “The Wrong House” prize pack, which includes DVD, signed poster, lobby cards, and a replica horror prop from the film.
“If you’ve posted our link, be sure to let us know on the event page, so I can enter you to win,” French said. “We need 1,000 people to reserve the film to ensure we’re picked up and we’re off to a great start. We need your help to make sure our revenge flick reaches the massive Netflix audience.”
Add “The Wrong House” to your Netflix queue:
Join the Facebook Event page for a chance to win a DVD or “The Wrong House” prize pack:

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