Sunday, July 24, 2011

Exclusive Images From The Upcoming Zombie Flick VS. The DEAD

Check out the exclusive images from VS. The Dead. This upcoming zombie flick is a fun watch for any 
horror fan in need for something new. The flick is written, produced and directed by Phil Pattison and Jeff Beckman and stars Dave MontourBrett Hawley, Peter Bridges, Phil Fader and Brandon Dean 

Vs. The Dead hits DVD on August 2nd!


     In a careless government mix up, the deadly virus ROUND 2 ends up in a small Canadian city. Unsuspecting patrons of a local tattoo shop are infected with the experimental germ, inevitably turning into flesh eating ghouls.

     It is up to Danny Druff and his friends to stop the zombies and find answers before the situation escalates out of control. With no option but to fight, Danny and his posse wage war against the meandering cadavers.

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