Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Director Joe Lynch Tweets Image From His CHILLERAMA Anthology Segment "Zom-B-Movie

Director Joe Lynch tweated us with a new image from his upcoming CHILLERAMA anthology segment, Zom-B-Movie.

Lynch tweeted this;
 "Ladies & Germs,let me introduce you to the owner of @KaufmanDriveIn (and Host of #CHILLERAMA),Cecil Kaufman! ZOM-B-MOVIE!"
Rounding out the rest of CHILLERAMA will be Adam Green's THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN, Tim Sullivan's I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR and Adam Rifkin's WADZILLA, these all have great names don't they! The cast for the anthology includes Sean Paul Lockhart, Gabby West, Lin Shaye, Adam Robitel, Ron Jeremy, Adam Rifkin, Joel David Moore, Kane Hodder and Kristina Klebe. Lot's of familiar faces here!

Look for the movie sometime this fall.

Source: Twitter

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