Sunday, June 19, 2011

Comic Book: Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy - Coming October 2011

Hey comic book fans. Here's an upcoming title you might want to be on the lookout for. the name says it all and comes by way of comic book writer Bobby Nash.

Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy - Coming October 2011
Moonstone Books has unveiled the solicitations and covers for the four part Return Of The Monsters Halloween event. 

One of those is Domino Lady Vs. The Mummy.
Story: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash
Art: Rock Baker, Jeff Austin
Cover: Dan Brereton
40pgs, grayscale, $3.99
Coming October 11, 2011
A Return of the Originals event!

The Egyptian sorceress Nephthys has promised to build her mummified mistress the perfect mate. Together, they cut a bloody swath across 1930’s Hollywood in search of the last few perfect bodies to harvest to complete the process. The last thing Nepthys or the mummy expected to run across was The Domino Lady, a perfect body that fights back.

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BobbyNash said...

Many thanks for spreading the word about Domino Lady Vs. Mummy. This one was a lot of fun to write with co-author Nancy Holder. Plus, Rock and Jeff are knocking it out of the park on art.


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