Friday, May 13, 2011

Tech/Fun: DTV Shredder All Terrain Vehicle

What if you saw somebody pass you on one of these?  I'd probably knock him off and take it for a spin, but that's just me.

This cool all-terrain vehicle has practical uses. It has two caterpillar tracks like a battle tank, the DTV Shredder can fly over all kinds of rough terrain. It's traction is great and 18hp/200cc engine can also help propel it up slopes as steep as 40 degrees and hit speed as high as 30 mph. On top of this the handle bars can be folded down for remote control of this all-terrain vehicle, where it can be hooked to a trailer and pull up to 1200 pounds of cargo.
Farmers would undoubtedly find many practical uses for the DTV Shredder. The US military is also looking at using this all-terrain vehicle as a force multiplier for soldiers by giving them unprecedented efficiency at covering ground. However, most people probably get excited about off-road sport riding a DTV Shredder as a thrilling alternative to motocross bike and ATVs. 

Product Features
  • Compact, powerful and fast all terrain vehicle
  • Adrenaline junky thrill ride
  • Innovative and unique design
  • Incredibly manoeuvrable
  • Top speed of 30mph
  • Travel up slopes up to 40 degrees
  • Engine: 18hp
Pre-order the DTV Shredder for $2,500 (place a $250 deposit) from BPG Werks. It is also available to pre-order for £3,500 at

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