Monday, May 30, 2011

Patrick Lussier Comments On The Next HELLRAISER Film

One of the new move making dream teams out there today are Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer whose Drive Angry 3D will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray soon and while promoting the flick Lussier was once again asked some questions concerning his and director Todd Farmer's retelling of HELLRAISER

Here's what he said;
"The movie is going to be extremely violent," says Lussier. "It's undoubtedly going to be a hard R rating. We are still toying with the idea of whether or not to shoot in 3D. It's really up to the studio to make that decision, but such discussions have taken place. Right now Todd [Farmer] and I are mainly focusing on the story while the powers-that-be decide."
Source: Dread Central 

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chris blair said...

this will be another great series of films that are destroyed by a remake

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