Monday, May 30, 2011

Movie Review: WE ARE THE NIGHT

We Are The Night is this cool and sleek German vampire film from director Dennis Gansel. This is definitely one of the better vampire flicks I’ve seen in a while, it has a few flaws but ranks right up there with vamp favorites like Interview With the Vampire and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s modernized, updated and has a story that involves a small circle of beautiful vampires.
We watch Lena (Karoline Herfurth) go from a street trash punk girl to one that gets transformed into what else, a vampire. Before all of this happens she is chased down by Detective Tom Serner (Max Riemelt) and they kind of make a quick bond, definitely a chemistry between these two.  Anyway, she gets a way , something bad happens and she meets up with Louise (Nina Hoss) who becomes a mother figure of sort to Nina,  with Louise is also Charlotte (Jennifer Ulrich) and Nora (Anna Fischer) who all become very close but have very different personalities which makes this story so intriguing.
As the story goes on and  we watch Lena morph into this classy looking creature we also watch her change into a different person or vampire.  She has regrets in her life, she’s not really willing to be this vampire but can’t do anything about it now and she understand this small circle is as close as she’ll fit in, anywhere.
Nina, who is the film’s focal point meets up with Detective Serner again and he likes what he sees even more now but has questions about her appearance as well.  Nina likes the Detective but knows she needs to keep her distance. As the film’s climax we see  difficult choices being made and sides to be taken. Without spoiling the ending Nina does have to make a hard decision but does her rebellious past make the choice for her or does she take a different one. The ending is one that not all will like, yet I think most will.
Ok, We Are The Night is a beautifully shot movie from Gansel. It’s definitely one you can watch more than once, which is always a good sign!  The acting is superb with a strong story to match.  We get to see all of the vampire mythology played into the movie which is great. We also get our special effects and action scenes and even a small hint of a love story but nothing is used too much or over the top, it’s definitely story driven about  Lena and her journey.
Bottom line is go see We Are The Night if you are a vampire movie lover, it’s in select theaters now! This German offering from  IFC  is simply a great watch that a true vampire fan will enjoy!

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