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The Frankenstein Syndrome is a film based on the Mary Shelley story we all know. In this case though, we get a modern day horror tale that is also very original in its own right.

Writer  and director Sean Tretta has put together a unique vision. This is still very much a Frankenstein story, it just has new characters to play with like Dr. Elizabeth Barnes ( Tiffany Shepis) who we see in the very  beginning  running from something and then the movie  fast forwards to her wearing a mask  and wheel chair bound being interrogated by investigators. This is where her story begins.

What happens is Barnes get recruited by Dr. Walton (Ed Lauter) who has this team of doctors trying to find a cure for cancer  in some sort of underground  lab where we see their test subjects are humans.  David (Scott Anthony Leet) is one of the unlucky ones who gets knocked off  by Dr. Walton’s  right hand man is Marcus (Louis Mandylor) for threatening to spill the beans on the project. The way see Marcus take people out is ruthless with no mercy. Next up for David is the operating table as the next “lab rat” which makes a very dark turn.  Not only do they bring David back but he comes back with powers which stem from more parts of his brain working.  We watch David become something that the doctors fear, something smarter then them. Another thing David brings back with him is a short temper which he begins to use on the medical team. As he begins to rip through the doctors he continues to evolve. Wiping out most of the team the story picks back up where we see Barnes in the beginning, viewing the damages David had thrust on her.

The Frankenstein Syndrome is an absolutely well written story and very original even though it’s based on Shelley’s Frankenstein story. The movie is shot crisp and clear with sound to match, this is what you look for with low budget films like this. Don’t worry gore hounds, we get plenty of blood and guts in the movie too but it’s the story and strong acting that make this movie great. Tiffany Shepis and Scott Anthony Leet are the heart of this movie! Shepis’ strongest role to date!

Bottom line is Sean Tretta has a must see hit with The Frankenstein Syndrome. Any true horror fan and Frankenstein fan should check this movie out when it hits DVD on July 5th from MTI Home Video.

Run time: 90 Minutes

Rated: NR


·        Film Commentary with Sean Tretta and Tiffany Shepis
·        Alternate Opening with Commentary
·        Deleted and Alternate Scenes with Commentary
·        Trailers


A beautiful young stem-cell researcher, Elizabeth Barnes, joins a secret research group attempting to develop a stem-cell based universal healing serum. Despite opposition from the project leaders she quickly develops a serum that can bring the dead back to life - but with horrific results. When one of the project's security guards is murdered and then re-animated, Barnes and her team must contend with a man, who at first, is like a child but quickly becomes something much, much more.

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