Sunday, February 13, 2011


Deon Taylor’s Chain Letter wishes it was everything a horror fan would want in a movie. Good looking teens on the run and looking over their shoulder with every step they take with a crazed mysterious killer chasing after them. Chain Letter  has lot’s of blood and gore with inventive kills from a guy who they simply call the Chain Man, but there's not much story to this.
Jessie Campbell (Nikki Reed ) leads the teen charge when they all start receiving a certain chain letter through  email, which warns them to not stop the chain letter. When they do stop bad things start to happen.
There are some familiar genre faces  in this film including a weird performance by Brad Dourif (Child’s Play) playing school teacher Mr. Smirker and Betsy Russell (Saw The Final Chapter) portraying Sergeant Hamill. There are a few more familiar faces you’ll recognize too. They don’t really play key roles in the film but to see them in it is cool for any true horror fan.
Michael Bailey Smith plays the ruthless and unforgiving Chain Man. He remains a mysterious figure from beginning to end which some fans like and some always want to see the identity revealed more. The kills are really fun to watch and as messy as they come. I didn’t know there were so many ways to  use a chain!
Deon Taylor keeps your attention for most of the film with one exception, the writing to me was the weakest part of the film but not so bad that you loose interest. The key to any great horror film is to draw your audience in and keep them there. One thing I did really like (without ruining anything) is the way the film starts out then tells the story and picks back up at that same spot at the end.
The Unrated DVD from Image Entertainment runs at 87 minutes and really didn’t need to be any longer. If you love blood and gore with a mediocre story then this is your kind of film! Go RENT Chain Letter today and here’s to meeting up with the Chain Man again!

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