Thursday, November 4, 2010

Watch the Spankin New Teaser Trailer For GIRL SCOUT COOKIES (THE MOVIE)

Director Bobby Jones has just hand delivered to me (not really but kinda) the spankin new teaser trailer for the upcoming Girl Scout Cookies (The Movie) that'll start filming in June next year. This new teaser stars Deneen Melody, Erica Soto, Mark Cray with Bobby Jones behind the camera. For this movie to be so early in pre-production they are getting plenty of attention to tide the true horror fans over until the next treat or um cookie.  The filmmakers have big plans for this movie so things will start heating up as time progresses, so keep here!
****DISCLAIMER****** "Girl Scout Cookies" (the Movie) is in no way affiliated with either the Real Girl Scouts of America or their cookies. 
"Girl Scout Cookies"(the Movie) is an action packed horror film that was written and will be directed by award winning film maker Bobby Jones about 6 couples that go on a weekend trip to the backwoods of MN for some fun, frolicking and good times. However, things turn out to not be as they appeared as the camping trip turns into a game of life and death when a group of women with animalistic natures decides to treat the group to the privilege of being their next big hunt.
The film itself has a cast of genre who's who's including Monique Dupree, Tara Cardinal, Jessica Cameron, Kimberly Ross, Robb Ross, Brandon VanVliet and Ryan Rolando. i do believe there might be a few special surprises along the way too!

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