Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rumor: Have Neve Campbell And Courtney Cox Met Their Demise In SCREAM 4?

First off remember this is just speculation! Ok, Neve Campbell was hard to talk into reprising her role as Sydney Prescott and Kevin Williamson even had a backup script if she wasn't to return but she did. Secondly the scenes she has been in she is wearing the same dress where it looks like a bookstore scene. We have all heard that in Scream 4 Prescott has written a book kind of like Courtney Cox's character Gail Weathers did.

So here's some interesting news, Campbell did an interview where she didn't give any spoilers or hinys about the film but could she have possiblt slipped up? In an interview with the LA Times she mentioned about ther book and the opening scene. Could this mean she is the opening kill in Scream 4? she has only been seen in this one dress and now this, we all know and love the opening scenes in the Scream movies too!

                                      Check out the Courtney Cox rumor after the jump!
ust a quick note on Courtney Cox and her character Gail Weathers. Yesterday was Cox's last day on the set of Scream 4. So what's up with that you ask?  Scream 4 is still wide open filming people! So have we lost our two major female keads in this Scream chapter and what's up with David Arquette's character Sheriff Dewey Riley, is he next or does he survive and is left all alone after all they have gone through?  Or could he be Ghostface this time?  If they are going to actually make Scream 5 and 6 they are waisting no time in passing the torch to the young cast including Hayden Panettiere and other fresh faces who are ready to take on Ghostface! So what do y'all think about this rumor?
Scream 4 opens in theaters on April 15th, 2011.

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