Saturday, August 21, 2010

ASTRO NOIR: THE FIXERS Animated Series Teaser Trailer Has Launched!

You know I'm kind of like that neighborhood kid always getting into stuff, right! But what I try to do is always get into new, very cool and exciting stuff. This brings me to the upcoming animated series by creator Jason Heath entitled Astro Noir: The Fixers which features the voices of actress Deneen Melody as Valkira, actress Kitsie Duncan as Anara and yes yours truly as G.T., I'm representing hard core people! Each episode will also have guest stars!Can you say excited? I knew you could!

So take a look at the teaser trailer and stay tuned because this is just the beginning! So much more to come!

Astro Noir takes place in a retro styled future right out of the 60′s.  Groovy and glam girls meet alien worlds and species.

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