Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be A Part Of Director Jesse Kozel's Movie Project 'CANDY'!

                                                 "Everyone has a sweet tooth"

Would you like to be a part of the actual making of a movie? Well you can with Jesse Kozel's project called Candy! Jesse Kozel is a part of what I call the 'Next Gen. of Horror' and the guy is talented. Not only is he directing Candy but he also wrote it and is producing it along with actress Sage Hall, oh and he'll also be starring in it along with her and others. Check out all of the images we have on Candy and watch the trailer below that has a Hitchcock/Halloween feel all over it! If you're like me and fed up with the Hollyweird remakes then help out indie projects like this one! This is the future right here and we all have a chance to be a part of it!  Oh and who doesn't love sweets?


It is Halloween night and a few friends plan on staying in to avoid the normal ditching act of their friend Mark. They think they'll have it easy this year. Beverages, Horror Movies & good friends for company, but they had no idea that Mark's over bearing mother would be there. She is the essence of perfection. Smiles, kindness and she knows her way around the kitchen. But there is something that's not quite right with her happy demeanor. Can the group deal with her for an entire night? What happens when she does not get her way? Could this be the beginning of the end for the group of friends?

You can click HERE or the movie poster below to help out on the donations to help finish this cool indie project plus you get some cool VIP perks and donations start at $1.00.

Visit the official Candy Facebook page

Visit the IndieGoGo Candy page

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