Sunday, June 6, 2010

Must Watch: DEMONIC TOYS 2

Growing up some of my favorite movies to watch was from Charles Band and his Full Moon Features. Years later nothng has changed, I still love these movies!

I recently watched one of Full Moon's newest offerings Demonic Toys 2 (Personal Demons), the long delayed sequel to 1992's Demonic Toys was released earlier this year.  Demonic Toys 2 is written and directed by William Butler and stars Selene Luna, Michael Cintriniti, Alli Cinzel, Lane Compton, Muffy Bolding, Elizabeth Bell, Leslie Jordan and William Marquart.

After a  few Versus sequels (Demonic Toys Vs. Puppetmaster and Demonic Toys Vs. Dollman) Demonic Toys 2 brings back the killer dolls in a new setting this time. The dolls go after a group of oddities collectors in a 900 year old Italian castle. This fun movie has all of the crazy kills and blood other Full Moon classics have offered all these years and even introduces us to a new little devlish character. The film is alot of fun with familiar background music to enjoy along the way. Mr. Band hasn't lost a step after all these years and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Till we meet again Baby Oopsie Daisy and Jack Attack!

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