Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Look: One-Sheet For The Lewis Brothers 'BOTTOMFEEDER'

The guys who brought us Black Devil Doll have a new film called Bottomfeeder in the works scheduled for a 2011 release. The film is directed by Jonathan Lewis and produced by Shawn Lewis with a screenplay by Stephen Roman, Shawn Lewis and Glen MacNeil and stars Joe Pilato. More to come on this cool project!
From Black Sunday Films/Rotten Cotton comes Bottomfeeder.


Lieutenant Joe Angell is a bad cop whose seen it all . . . but he's never seen anything like the hideous monstrosity that shambles out of a dark California river with a taste for blood, on the hunt for nubile female victims. It's a monster spawned of toxic waste and depraved humanity, a mutation of man and fish that must rape and kill to state its distorted desires---and only Joe Angell knows where it will strike next! As the insane, deformed creature stalks it's prey, Angell is haunted by bizarre visions that lead him into a slimy web of evil . . . until the final, fiery confrontation explodes with a fury you will never forget. Prepare yourself. Where HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and BAD LIEUTENANT left off . . . the sick, twisted nightmare of BOTTOMFEEDER begins. And no one is safe.

BOTTOMFEEDER is the second film from Jonathan Lewis and Shawn Lewis, whose previous "Fiasco" BLACK DEVIL DOLL scored big with audiences and critics. The Lewis Brothers promise a much darker and more depraved twist on the classic "rape monster" sub-genre this time around, with a script by MASTERS OF HORROR scribe Stephen Romano and starring the legendary JOE PILATO (DAY OF THE DEAD) in a tour de force performance as Lieutenant Joe Angell, a character soon to be remembered in infamy as one of the most outrageous anti-heroes in horror history.

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