Saturday, May 8, 2010

Will Farrell Debuts His Newest Character "Rojo Johnson" At A Minor League Baseball Game

You either love Will Farrell or hate him and I'm one of the ones who can't get enough of his style of comedy. Two nights ago Farrell debuted his latest character "Rojo Johnson" for the Round Rock Express which is actually a Triple-A ball club for the Houston Astros. Johnson, a mustachioed, beer-swilling Venezuelan player was brought in during the game to pitch so watch the video and check out his newest character which actually has nothing to do with plugging his upcoming projects like he did with his Jackie Moon or Ricky Bobby characters for Semi-Pro and Talladega Nights. This time he is promoting his “Will Powered Golf Classic” cancer benefit and I think this is a pretty cool way to raise some money for charity!

So how crazy if Farrell? That's one interview I'm looking forward to one day!

Source: The Vulture

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