Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today (May 1st 2010) Is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!

Don't forget Geeks that today, May 1st is FREE Comic Book Day so go out and get yours and pick up some other cool collectibles that all comic book shops carry! We have to support our local comic book shops!
The comic book shops carry all genres of comics and graphic novels that in this day and time are turning into movies before the ink is even dry so wouldn't it be cool to tell your friends a few years from now that you have the #1 issue of that certain comic/graphic novel turned movie! Not only that but the comic book industry has the best artists in the world and the greatest writers, some of those are writing our favorite superhero movies and tv shows these days!

Remember we wouldn't have these cool superhero movies coming out if it wasn't for comic book!

Heroes star Millo Ventimiglia is a comic creator and lover!

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